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Ensuring that funds are available for you throughout your retirement years is a key component to any successful retirement plan.  In order to do this, you must create a budget that ensures there WILL be sufficient funds.  The level of expense that you set for yourself each year must have that single goal as its purpose – sufficient funds to last you for your lifetime.

  Simply put, there are $ coming in, and $ going out.  Out must be less than or equal to $ coming in.  Simple, but not for some people.  I would like to concentrate on the out portion, or BURN RATE, so you have a system to categorize your expenses and can make intelligent decisions regarding what $ you should let out the door.


Step #1 – Calculate your total income from work, social security, interest and dividends, etc. 

Step #2 – Categorize your expenses into the following categories:

  • Musts: Medical, housing, utilities, food
  • High on the list:  Transportation, clothes
  • Desirables: Entertainment, meals out, gifts, furniture
  • Savings and Reduce Debt

Step #3 – Calculate the % of income (Step #1 above) consumed by each expense category from Step #2 above

  • Calculate the % of each major category
  • Calculate the % of each item in the category, for example the % of housing within the Musts category

Step #4 – Analyze

  • If your category %’s add up to more than 100%, then you must take action to reduce some expenses.  This is called a “shortfall” and you must eliminate it.
    • The shortfall is financed by credit card debt, which is very expensive and can lead to larger problems
  • Are any of the “High on the List” or “Desirable” expense items consuming an inordinate % of your outgoing $?
    •  If so, develop a plan to reduce them to eliminate your shortfall and close the gap between income and expense
  • Lastly, if you have a surplus, it will be reflected in the “Savings and Reduce Debt” category.  This is obviously the best of all situations and allows you some freedom with your $.  

  By completing the exercise above, you can help minimize your burn rate and understand where your $ are going and what you have to reduce $ going out the door.  

  Financial security in retirement is extremely important since, without it, you will rely on others, or the government, to care for your needs.  This is not a good situation, which can lead to loss of self-esteem.

  Lastly, if you do feel comfortable completing the exercise above, ask someone who you trust to do it with you, but be sure to have all of your documentation. 

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